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Story excerpt: The Rise of A Slave Lord

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“So tell me, Lilly. How does your mistress like her gift?”

The little lady’s maid looks had much improved over last time I saw her, the worst ravages of the withdrawal faded away. But I could still see little signs of strain, of desperation, in her eyes. She stood before me, fidgeting and kept glancing over at Jerrod for support. He gave her a nod and a friendly smile that turned to a leering smirk the instant Lily turned back to face me.

“She asks for the Elven Brandy every day and gets cross with me until she gets it.”

“I see, and did you give her the other drink?” I eyed her curiously. She did indeed look much better than before, a plump little morsel with a generous bosom straining her corset dress and auburn curls peeking underneath her lace scarf.  Jerrod had thanked me before for the fringe benefits of his duties that allowed him to fuck Lilly as much as he could be with her, and told me she was quickly becoming an excellent cock sucker. Continue reading

Works in Progress.

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Works in Progress.

 While it may have been some months since I actually published the last story, and I am not as of yet that close to publishing a new one, I am actually working on new stories. Quite a few of them. Some of them have been in the hopper for a long time, going back 10 years or more, some are much newer. None are what you would call complete, but there are a few that  can at least see the finish line in the distance.

 Not surprisingly most of the stories are erotic swords and sorcery tales, and all of them are set in the same world as The Spellsword and The Halfling’s Lust. That setting, a land called Makeover, was designed to be pretty flexible and allow for a lot of different kinds of stories. But more on that later.

 The rest of my projects fall into a mishmash of sci-fi, horror, mind control, and whatever else captures my fancy at the time.

 The Makover Tales:

 Tanilen’s Tales: Rhiannon

Subgenre: swashbuckling and espionage

Status: about 66% done

            The story features my namesake character, someone who has been around with me for a very long time, going back to the days of D&D 2nd Edition. In the story, it’s been ten years since Tanilen has seen Rhiannon, his first love, and the bard-turned-spy soon finds himself embroiled in a plot involving secret societies, slavers, and Kingdom Inquisitors. His first love is at the center of all the plots, but is she a victim, or the puppetmaster? The first two acts are done, and it needs at least one more to complete the tale. There is a fourth act that has emerged recently, but I have not decided if it is the concluding entry to this story, or the opening act of a new one. Quippy dialogue, romance, some sly humor, adventure, and little hints of bdsm will be the main themes of this story.

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Review: The Warlord’s Concubine by J.E & M. Keep

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There’s not always a lot of originality in fantasy-based erotica. So much of what you find for the Kindle or on Smashwords are very short pieces that just check off a few key words (let’s see, an ELF chick gets banged by a DRAGON dude, go!), as if simply hitting a few tropes captures why people love epic fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

They miss the point, obviously. It’s hard for any story to be epic, especially when most of it is sex, when it’s only 3000 words long. Epic stories need to be epic in both terms of scope and size.

So, if you’ve read anything I’ve posted before, you know I like to champion the books and writers who get it right, and The Warlord’s Concubine by J.E & M. Keep certainly does that. Even among other works I love and enjoy, this book definitely manages to bring something new to the party and gives me a plot and character that i have not seen much of before.

Mirella is the handmaiden to a spoiled princess who is much younger than herself. She has come from a hard life and has had to work and fight for everything she ever got, unlike her privileged mistress. But when the barbarians sack their city, kill the king, and take the princess captive, it all turns around for Mirella.

The handmaiden is captivated by the mysterious dark leader of the invaders, and sees in him something worth worshiping. But his position as new ruler of the city is tenuous and hinges on getting the princess to willingly marry him before his forces are crushed by the armies of the Empire.

There is a lot of sex in this book, and well written, but there is a lot of plot as well. Mirella becomes devoted to her God-King and schemes to aid in him winning over the princess, as well as helping him defeat his opponents, both inside and outside of the city.

I enjoyed the hell out of this book, and I thought Mirella was a fascinating character. There was some interesting world building going on as well, but that is one area I wish the authors could have done more with. They through out some interesting ideas about witches and the roles women played in the invaders’ society, but it felt like they rushed over some of it to get to the good parts again.

Still, I heartily recommend this book if you are at all interested in reading erotic fantasy stories. It’s a great value, and if you purchase it right now, it’s on sale for only .99. You have nothing to lose at that price.

Sex in Scifi / Fantasy

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I read this post on One Handed Writers and it struck a nerve with me as I have felt the same way. Enjoy the article