Works in Progress.

Works in Progress.

 While it may have been some months since I actually published the last story, and I am not as of yet that close to publishing a new one, I am actually working on new stories. Quite a few of them. Some of them have been in the hopper for a long time, going back 10 years or more, some are much newer. None are what you would call complete, but there are a few that  can at least see the finish line in the distance.

 Not surprisingly most of the stories are erotic swords and sorcery tales, and all of them are set in the same world as The Spellsword and The Halfling’s Lust. That setting, a land called Makeover, was designed to be pretty flexible and allow for a lot of different kinds of stories. But more on that later.

 The rest of my projects fall into a mishmash of sci-fi, horror, mind control, and whatever else captures my fancy at the time.

 The Makover Tales:

 Tanilen’s Tales: Rhiannon

Subgenre: swashbuckling and espionage

Status: about 66% done

            The story features my namesake character, someone who has been around with me for a very long time, going back to the days of D&D 2nd Edition. In the story, it’s been ten years since Tanilen has seen Rhiannon, his first love, and the bard-turned-spy soon finds himself embroiled in a plot involving secret societies, slavers, and Kingdom Inquisitors. His first love is at the center of all the plots, but is she a victim, or the puppetmaster? The first two acts are done, and it needs at least one more to complete the tale. There is a fourth act that has emerged recently, but I have not decided if it is the concluding entry to this story, or the opening act of a new one. Quippy dialogue, romance, some sly humor, adventure, and little hints of bdsm will be the main themes of this story.

Rise of a Slave Lord

Subgenre: BDSM

Status: 50% done

            First book in a multi-book series tracks the rise of Lord Dominic Morallen, a Kingdom slaver. What starts as a simple matter of revenge against a petty girl who spurned him and made him outcast becomes something much more sinister. As Morallen uses deceit and blackmail to place the lovely Arnora under his thumb and set her up for her own humiliation, he discovers a talent and proclivity for subjugating women and making them his slaves. He sees this as a new path to power and riches in the Kingdom and as the books progress, he interacts with others of similar bent and his crude methods become more and more refined until he is regarded as one of the most dangerous and powerful men in Makover. My chance to write a story from a villian’s perspective and engage in darker matter than might be seen in some of my other projects. Non consensual sex, bondage, humiliation, light torture, and slavery will all obviously be recurring themes


The Sisters of Virtue

Subgenre: comic book heroines, horror, demons and tentacle sex

Status: 25% done

            Ebrihu, the patriarchal god of the Decellan Kingdom, is a lusty sort with a habit of visiting young virgins in their dreams. These dreams result in very real pregnancies, and the children born of them have a touch of their father’s godlike powers. Sons are fast-tracked in the Church hierarchy, selected by nature of their birth for positions of power and leadership. Girls, however, are sent to a convent where they taught the ways of the warrior in hopes they may one day be selected as Champion. There can only be one Champion at a time, who must keep herself pure and virtuous while defending Kingdom women from the corrupting influences of witchcraft, devil worship, and paganism. If a Champion should find herself corrupted or despoiled of her purity, she loses all her powers and a new champion must be chosen.

            This book will be told from the point of view of Katrin, a very young and naïve novitiate who watches as the older girls she idolizes and adores are one by one selected and sent out to battle the evils of demons and witchcraft. Each of these champions is eventually defeated and deflowered, decimating the ranks of Sisters ahead of Katrin. This young girl, daughter of a pleasure slave and cursed by her race with a highly sensuous and submissive nature, wonders how she could ever hope to survive where her more valorous Sisters have failed.

            Like Rise of A Slave Lord, this is a very dark series. No matter how valiant or pure, the very nature of the series demands that each Champion must eventually fall. There will be n/c sex, character death, and not a lot of sunshine. May be written as a series of short stories, each focusing on a different Champion, with Katrin as the thread stringing them all together.


Destry’s Fall: Critical Miss

Subgenre: badass heroine, perils

Status: 10% done

            Destry, the alluring and deadly assassin from The Spellsword, is back and in her own story. She was originally created as character in Daggerfall as a khajit nightblade, but morphed slowly away from being a catperson to human when I started using her in stories. This is my attempt at retcon, reintroducing the catperson aspect back to her. Hired by the family of a missing girl to find out what happened to her, Destry tries to infiltrate a slaver’s compound, only to make a tiny error and find herself helpless in front of a pack of guard dogs that walk on two feet…

            The deadly nightblade tries to fight back, but finds herself overwhelmed by the strange dogmen and is powerless to resist when they decide to mate with her and make her their own. When Destry finally comes to after her ordeal, she finds herself prisoner to a mad wizard who informs her that she is to be his latest test subject. Just as he used magic to fuse the qualities of brutish thugs with his watchdogs, he tells her he will improve her by giving her the qualities of a panther. Horrified, Destry finds herself now a catwoman and is desperate to escape the mad wizard and see if there is any way to reverse her condition.


Destry’s Payback

Subgenre: badass heroine, perils

Status: 20% done

            Destry has been ambushed by the assassin’s guild, her sworn enemies, and beaten near to death. Captive and subject to their dark plans, the nightblade activates a last ditch charm given to her by her lover, a priestess of the lust goddess. In a flash, Destry finds herself healed and transported back to Alyanna’s temple. Relief turns to despair, however, when she realizes that the charm worked by switching her body with the priestess’ and Alyanna is now the one trapped in Destry’s dying body! Destry must now attempt to rescue her trapped lover, but it won’t be easy, because she is no longer in her own toned and athletic body, but in that of a soft, voluptuous priestess used to a life of indolent pleasure. With her balance and skills all off by being in the foreign body, Destry’s going to have to use some new strategies to rescue Alyanna before it’s too late.


Non-Makeover stories:


Untitled Mind Control Story

Subgenre: Sci Fi, mind control

Status: 10% done

            Connor Brae is a normal guy living a normal life until he is abducted by an alien scientist and dissected and studied. Later, to hide evidence of the alien presence on Earth, Connor is cloned and his mind transferred to the new, whole body so it can be left at the abduction site unharmed and unnoticed by human authorities. However, the alien’s medbot can’t help tweaking a few “inefficiencies” in the subject’s DNA, and the new Connor is very much new and improved, and in addition to being given an Olympian’s physique and cured of any hereditary conditions he had, he now has access to the full power of the human mind. Now, the police are questioning who he is and a nosy doctor is questioning what he is. Connor struggles to understand these questions himself and come to grips with his new found abilities, including mind control, to stay one step ahead of those chasing him. My vehicle for conspiracy theories and sexy mind control goodness.



Arkham Academy

Subgenre: Schoolgirls, horror, bdsm, and Cthulu

Status: inception stages

            This may end up being more of a Poser series of 3d art images, but I may write some text stories to accompany it. Arkham Academy looks normal on the outside, but as is always the case in schools like this (in stories like this). The school has a strict purity and chastity policy for its students, and uses corporeal punishment to reinforce it. However, once a they discover a student is no longer so pure and virginal, they become secretly inducted into a hidden society in the school. Here, all hedonism and lust is encouraged and trained in the despoiled students, carefully manipulated by the horny and sadistic faculty. School boosters and board members, local authorities, and influential powerbrokers all have access to sample and use the slutty and horny teens in exchange for their donations, favors, and cooperation.  Driving it all, however, is an ancient being that lives in the bowels of the school. It feeds on the sexual energy created by the Academy, and thrives on the delicious taste of corrupted innocence.


The Warlock’s Revenge

Subgenre: Horror, Magic

Status: 20% done

            The story of a warlock with immense knowledge and study of arcane matters, but little actual talent. He is relegated to an inferior position in his coven, used to mentor the others and aid the more powerful, and doomed never to be able to fully use the knowledge he has amassed himself. Never, that is, until his unending studies lead him to a sex magic ritual that allows him to drain the magical power from another magic user. He tricks a beautiful but arrogant young witch to participate in the ritual and learns to his glee that it works.  But the magic gained is not enough and he begins stalking other witches to rape their power away. With each new ritual, he increases in power but also begins to take on an increasingly demonic aspect. Meanwhile, the first victim uses the same ritual to steal magic to replace her own and sets out to get revenge on the warlock.


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