Story excerpt: The Rise of A Slave Lord

“So tell me, Lilly. How does your mistress like her gift?”

The little lady’s maid looks had much improved over last time I saw her, the worst ravages of the withdrawal faded away. But I could still see little signs of strain, of desperation, in her eyes. She stood before me, fidgeting and kept glancing over at Jerrod for support. He gave her a nod and a friendly smile that turned to a leering smirk the instant Lily turned back to face me.

“She asks for the Elven Brandy every day and gets cross with me until she gets it.”

“I see, and did you give her the other drink?” I eyed her curiously. She did indeed look much better than before, a plump little morsel with a generous bosom straining her corset dress and auburn curls peeking underneath her lace scarf.  Jerrod had thanked me before for the fringe benefits of his duties that allowed him to fuck Lilly as much as he could be with her, and told me she was quickly becoming an excellent cock sucker.

“Yes milord. I told her the Elven Brandy was out, and poured her some of the other bottle. I told her it was Fey Wine, like you said to. She seemed to like it, but she started getting the shakes like I did. Before, I mean, when I-“

“Yes, Lilly, I know.” I cut her off, not interested in hearing about her withdrawal, only Anora’s. “What then?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whimpered. “I gave Mistress Arnora the fey wine for four days, like you said to, and she got awful sick. Her father, Meister Gruden, started to worry and wondering if she got one of them plagues, and was going to call for a cleric from the temple.”

“And did he?”

“No sir, I gave her more of the real Elven Brandy that night and she looked much better the next morning.”

“Excellent.” I clasped my hands on my lap and smiled encouragingly towards the girl. “And how much of the Brandy do you have left, my dear?”

“Just a few days, sir, less if she continues to share it with her friend.”

“Her friend? Ah, so she showed her gift to her friends when you gave it to her?”

Lilly shook her head. “Oh, no sir. She was alone when I gave it to her, and enjoyed it by herself the first two days. But on the third day, Mistress Jolie was visiting when the urge to taste the brandy came. Mistress Arnora gave her some and now they both need it. I…um,”

“Yes, dear Lily?” I kept my voice calm and gentle, but inside I was seething with victory and impatience to seal the silly cunt Arnora’s doom. Soon, I told myself, soon.

“Well, sir, I think Mistress Arnora regrets sharing the brandy. When I told her we had run out, she had a huge fight with Mistress Jolie and blamed her for drinking all of her precious present from the count. Mistress Jolie has not been back since. She did not attend the Festival Dance last night and rumor says she is deathly ill.”

I sat up straighter at this point, frowning. “And have they, too, thought to call in a cleric?”  This was a detail I had not anticipated and a frission of panic danced upon my skin. If a healer from the temple examined the girls, would they be able to tell they were being drugged? And worse, would they use their magic to find out who? My revenge was only beginning to bear out, and already I saw it, and everything else, crashing down around me.

“No sir. Her father had a falling out with the Temple. I’ve heard it said he swore a bloodoath never to ask the high priest for anything again because he caught his wife sleeping with him!” A hint of blush tinged the girl’s cheeks as she related the juicy gossip and I stifled the urge to laugh with relief. Whatever the true cause, it appeared I was safe, for the moment. But the panic I had felt, even so briefly, hinted at a larger lesson I needed to absorb, and that was no detail could ever be too small when planning something such as this, and all efforts must be made to prevent anyone from tracing my activities back to me.

I looked sidelong at Jerrod and wondered if he too was one of my errors. Although I had been careful to only appear in town in my “Donegal” guise, my steward could be traced back to both Donegal and myself. If something should ever go awry, and Jerrod was fingered as the person steering the girls to Donegal for their dosages of Vodare, it would not take long at all for the count’s constables to make the leap to me as well.

Thinking swiftly of how best to take advantage of this unexpected news about Jolie and extricate myself from any awkwardness at the same time, I stood up and moved to the cabinet. I could feel Lilly’s eyes follow me hungrily as she recognized this as the source of her “elven brandy.”

I removed two small vials and handed them to her. “Take this to Lady Jolie’s maid, tell her it is from Arnora. Your mistress has heard about her friend’s illness and she had suffered from the same. Give her this first vial and tell her to give it to Jolie in secrecy.”

I gripped the girl hard and peered into her eyes. “Do you have all that, girl?”

“Yes, master, sir,” she quaked. “The first vial only, and it must be a secret.”

“Good, now go back to her the next day and ask her if her mistress is doing better. When she says yes, give her the second vial and tell her it’s more of the same medicine and again stress the secrecy.”

The girl slipped both gifts into her basket, hiding them under the fresh cut flowers and bits of cloth and lace she had purchased for her mistress at market today. With a nervous smile and a curtsy, she turned to leave.

“Excuse me, Lily, but aren’t you forgetting something?”

The poor maid’s face went pale as she realized I was waiting for payment.

“But Master Donegal, sir,” she stammered, fear in her eyes. “I wasn’t needin’ any more brandy and did not know you would be given’ me more gifts….I’m sorry! I’ll bring you something tomorrow-“

“Shush, little one,” I soothed, “It’s alright. There is something else you have, that you offered me before, and I would like to claim now.”

Realization of what I was referring to dawned on her and again she blushed a rosy red and her breath caught as she looked from me to Jerrod standing in the corner of the room, arms crossed. He nodded once to her and it seemed as though all resistance fled from her as she slumped her shoulders slightly. She undid the clasp on her cloak and let it pool to the floor at her feet, then began dully picking at the laces of her bodice.

“Don’t play the shy virgin with me, Lily,” I chided her. “Jerrod tells me you are quite a delightful minx in bed and I expect to find you nothing less.”

If possible, her cheeks glowed ever redder and her fingers regained some nimbleness and she quickly undid the bodice and let that too fall to the floor. Jerrod had moved behind her at this point and raised her arms up over her head so that he could pull her plain linen blouse up and over, baring her soft, generous tits to my view. Lily unlaced the sides of her skirt and my steward hold her steady as she stepped out of that, leaving her stand before me in nothing but her glorious red hair. She moved to cover her breasts and crotch, but Jerrod took hold of her arms and held them at her side.

She was indeed a delightful maid. In addition to her plump bosom, she had a slender, gently rounded belly and wide hips leading to strong legs. A ginger tangle of hair hid her secret charms from me, but I planned to remedy that soon.

I stood up and moved from behind my desk. “Attend me.”

Lily joined me with the immediate attentiveness of a born servant and assisted me out of my coat, then proceeded to undress me. Shyly at first, then with increasing daring, she began to caress and rub me as she removed each layer of clothing, and I did not know if she did this out of genuine desire or an act of forced enthusiasm to encourage me to go easy with her.

Jerrod divested himself of his own clothing and I led Lily over to my desk and instructed her lay across it on her back. Her legs spread of their own volition as she scooted her ass to the near edge of the desk and I saw the lips of her sex stretch open, moisture already dampening her auburn curls. I motioned Jerrod to take his place there. Without any preamble, my valet speared his lover, thrusting his member deep into pink sex. She gasped, then wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him deeper into her.

Satisfied, I moved around the desk and got the straining maid’s attention by slapping my rigid cock across her face. Distracted from Jerrod’s insistent thrusting, she looked up at me, then let her head lean back over the edge of the desk so she could take me in her mouth.

She had indeed been trained well and began to lavish her attentions on my cock, first licking it from stem to tip, then attempting to swallow me whole. I am not particularly long, being maybe  a handspan in length, but my cock is quite thick and I was curious if Lily would choke before she could withdraw her mouth from around me. But I daresay that neither Jerrod nor I were her first lovers and she was able to admirably relax her throat around me so I could thrust in. The heat of her mouth, the soft plumpness of her lips wrapped around me were intoxicating and I wondered if I could last long indeed.

Jerrod continued to plunge deeply within her, his face screwed up in a rictus of concentration as he tried to maintain his pace without giving in to his own release, and Lily began to mewl around my cock gagging her. She pulled back from me for a minute, giving me engorged tip a last lick and kiss as it left her lips and then gasped in air and started to buck and scream on the desk.

“Yes, harder, dammit, harder. Goddess, Jerrod, fuck me harder!”  She was clearly on the edge of her own orgasm and I found myself feeling a bit detached from it all. What care did I have if she was enjoying herself? I found the sound of her voice to be annoying at the moment and plugged her mouth once more with my cock, silencing her.

Lily meekly resumed sucking me and I again felt my pleasure rising to its inexorable end. I was nearing the point of no return when I heard an inarticulate growl from my valet and saw him arch into the girl, his head leaning way back, and then he spent his seed deep in her womb.

I motioned Jerrod to step away and he pulled out of Lily with a slight pop, strands of their sticky essences stretching between them. Arnora’s maid’s hips continued to give little involuntary thrusting motions towards her departing lover, and it was clear he left her on the edge of her own climax. She was hot and primed and frustrated, and I did not care.

“Turn over. Now.” I commanded her, and she obeyed. It was a pleasure to watch her hurry to comply as she got up from the desk, and then turning to face it, bent over it. She grasped the far edge with her fingers and presented her cushiony ass to me. I moved behind her and nudged her sodden sex with my tool, coating it liberally with the sex juices her lovemaking with Jerrod had left. She cooed and pushed her ass back into me, and I was again irritated with both her making noises and also her making her needs known to me.

I had no intention of going where my valet had already been and sullied and slapped her fleshy white buttocks hard. The sound of my palm hitting her bare flesh echoed for a moment only before she shrieked indignantly, and I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up against me, my cock still nestled between her legs.

“No more of that, lassie, or I’ll have Jerrod gag you. I have done you a tremendous favor and now I am looking for payment, do you understand me?”

The silly cunt could only nod her head and I saw tears gathering in her pretty little eyes.

“Good, now I want you to bend over and reach behind you and spread your ass wide for me. Tell me, have you ever taken it dwarven-style before?”

Lily started to open her mouth again to protest and again my hand smacked down hard on her backside, and then a second time for emphasis. She frantically looked towards her lover, but if she expected any help from Jerrod, the smirk on his face quickly put her in her place.

“Lily,” he said sweetly, “what would happen if the parents of Arnora and Jolie were to find out you had been the one making them sick with your elven brandy? It would be a shame if they turned you over to the temple priests for trafficking with such evil spirits and such.”

“Remember, slut,” I added, “If you try and tell anyone about us or what we are doing, we will turn you in as a thief. We have all those items you stole from your mistress, remember? Included the real gift the count gave to you, that he put personally into your hands?  How is it, they are going to wonder, that said present never made it to Arnora and instead she was given the illegal elven spirits?

“You are just a servant, a peasant. No one is going to believe you and even if they do investigate things a little deeper to look at Jerrod and myself, you will already have been hung in the market square as a thief.  If they are lucky, they will only take everything your family owns, including their cottage, as recompense to the nobles you injured. At worse, they will be imprisoned or even join you on the gibbet.

Tears flowed freely down the scared maid’s face now and she began to sniffle. “Please, Master Donegal, sir–”

“Now, now Lily,” I cut her off, my voice gentle though my hands still cruelly grasped her hair.  “We’re not such bad sorts, and really we just want a little cooperation from you. Is that really too much to ask?”

Lily held her tongue this time and just shook her head.

“Good girl, now bend over and pay your tithe.”

The girl meekly complied and I exulted in her sweet submission. Surely this was as good as, if not better than sex? But that was a silly thought—why need it be considered better or different? I was beginning to appreciate now the two, power and sex, as being the same thing, or at least two sides of the same coin. Grinning savagely, I plowed my cock in her virgin ass. The feel of the puckered ring was exquisite in its tightness, and I slapped her again and then again on the ass as I forced my way deeper in.

Sobbing quietly the entire time, Lily finally relaxed her muscles enough for me to hilt myself in her, and then I began to saw in and out. I am not ashamed to admit that after the talented pleasuring her mouth had given me earlier, coupled with the indescribable rush of pleasure from my domination of her and claiming her ass, I did not have much stamina left to continue for long. I soon found myself going past the point of no return and grabbing her tits in my hands and twisting her nipples hard, I jetted my seed in her accompanied by her screams.

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