Once upon a time when I was a youth studying creative writing at college, I loved to read fantasy novels, and I loved porn, but forever the two seemed doomed to be separate. Then a wizard named Al Gore waved his magic wand and created the internet and Rule #34 was discovered, and there was seemingly instantly lots of swords and sorcery-based porn to found and downloaded, and some of it was actually good. Anthony Pryor writes the excellent Wulf Tales and remains my hallmark for excellence in the genre. Another standout was the website Naked Blades. It was there that I shared my first stories with the world at large and eventually, when the old webkeeper decided he had had enough, I took over. Running the ‘Blades was a blast, and the community that had formed there was excellent, but after a few years and some changes in my real life, I decided it was time to pass on the reigns myself.

Fast forward to now, and ebooks are exploding. Friends and acquaintances I’ve known for years and years are now publishing their works and making some money. I started thinking myself, self, I could use some extra money. I have a bunch on unfinished stories and ideas that I bet tons of people, or at least one or two, might be willing to pay to read. I might even make enough to pay for all of these ebooks I keep buying.

So here we are. I’ve decided to stick my toe in the water, so to speak, by starting with some older stories that are no longer available online and giving them the loving updates they deserve before publishing them on Smashwords.  With any luck, I can build an audience and generate some interest in new works, which I will then sell, make millions of dollars, and begin my campaign of utter world domination.

Or something like that.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you come back soon.



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