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Six Months Later…and then some

Posted in Word Craft with tags on June 10, 2013 by tanilen

So, it’s been a while since I last posted, and even longer since The Spellsinger first went on sale.  Dreams of getting mega rich or instant success were never part of  the plan, but I think I am a little surprised that I did not sell a little better than I did, and more disappointed in the lack of reviews from the copies I did sell.

The Halfling’s Lust, which has been offered for free, has garnered reviews, but I am mostly stymied by those. On Barnes & Noble, the average review is 3 stars. The chief complaint? That it’s too short. It’s a free book, people, it’s supposed to be a sampler of my writing, so of course it’s short.  Hundreds of erotic stories get published every week on Amazon and Smashwords that are shorter than The Halfling’s Lust and cost $2.99. Where’s your outrage about that?

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