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Review: Tales of the Huntsman by M Palmeri

Posted in books with tags , , on June 11, 2013 by tanilen

huntsmenMarie, a poor merchant’s faithful daughter, offers herself as payment of a debt to a mysterious but charming Count. Taken to his remote castle, she meets his terrifying wife and the other “noble ladies” of his court, who have conspired to secretly create a safe haven in a dark age for orphan girls, abused maidens, former whores and runaway brides. As the Count and the Ladies proceed to educate Marie sexually, they take turns telling their own stories (and sometimes acting out the erotic scenes for Marie’s benefit).

I can’t believe no one else has reviewed this book yet… it was fantastic! It’s easily the best adult take on fairy tales that I have ever read. The characters are amazing, the writing is strong, and the story is excellent.

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