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Adventurotica–Please Support AND Enjoy some Excellent Stories

Posted in books with tags , on June 15, 2013 by tanilen

HI All

One of my favorite new publishers and discoveries in the world if ebooks is Adventurotica. Authors Paul Batteiger and Amanda Gannon turn out 3-4 novels a year of the highest calibre, and best of all, not only are they some of the hottest, kinkiest adult stories on the net, but they are all genre stories!  I love this, because unless you count incest or schoolgirls as “genre” there really is not a lot of it out there in the adult fiction world-not counting erotic romances.

Steampunk, superheroes, swashbuckling and magic, wild west…they do it all. And what’s even more exciting is that, unlike other adult or erotic novels that claim to be genre, these aren’t just standard sex stories with a thin patina of steampunk or fantasy overlaid on it…the genre settings are fully realized and are living, breathing components of the story. Adventurotica is not simply glomming onto a hot passing fad by sticking their heroines in corsets and brass goggles…these people truly love and understand the different genres they play in.

Their new novel they are starting next month is an adult spin on 10,000Leaugues Under the Sea and i cannot wait. They have a Indiegogo campaign up to fund this project and I can’t recommend more that you check out their writings and if you like it, contribute to the campaign. Most of the perks include membership to the Adventurotica website where you will be able to read all of their previous novels online as well as read the new book as it is posted (3 chapters are posted a week and they never miss an update).

So that’s my sales pitch. Discover something new today and help support some deserving authors. I love their work, and I imagine if you are reading this blog because you like my stories, you will love Adventurotica as well.

Indiegogo Campaign

Andventurotica Website