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Story excerpt: The Rise of A Slave Lord

Posted in books with tags , , on July 14, 2013 by tanilen

“So tell me, Lilly. How does your mistress like her gift?”

The little lady’s maid looks had much improved over last time I saw her, the worst ravages of the withdrawal faded away. But I could still see little signs of strain, of desperation, in her eyes. She stood before me, fidgeting and kept glancing over at Jerrod for support. He gave her a nod and a friendly smile that turned to a leering smirk the instant Lily turned back to face me.

“She asks for the Elven Brandy every day and gets cross with me until she gets it.”

“I see, and did you give her the other drink?” I eyed her curiously. She did indeed look much better than before, a plump little morsel with a generous bosom straining her corset dress and auburn curls peeking underneath her lace scarf.  Jerrod had thanked me before for the fringe benefits of his duties that allowed him to fuck Lilly as much as he could be with her, and told me she was quickly becoming an excellent cock sucker. Continue reading